June 28 – Email from K4DL

I received my Repeater Directory now produced by ARRL and Rfinder jointly. They are indicating the coordinating body that information is provided by so readers can identify those listings that are from other sources. I counted 30 states that had no coordinated listings. I do not know which states did not submit data and which, like Alabama, submitted but was not included.

I am aware of numerous errors in Alabama’s listings in the current directory. I suggest you advise anyone asking that the current directory is not reliable at best. I also ask that anyone wishing to buy books and give them away on behalf of the ARC not purchase the current repeater directory. We do not want to appear to approve of the directory as it currently exists.

This is the third year the ARRL repeater directory has not correctly included our data. I know of many errors that have been included in all three editions and I know our database differs from all three.

Dennis Littleton – K4DL
Alabama Repeater Council – President
June 28, 2017