June 23 – Email from K4DL

As many of you know, the current ARRL repeater directory does not include the data that Howard sent to Rfinder in January. Rfinder told the ARRL they had not received data from ARC and due to that ARRL has not sent us the usual yearly payment. After a day back and forth of emails with ARRL and Rfinder I was notified late last night (June 22) that Rfinder had located our file and that the ARRL would be sending us the payment. While this does not remedy the errors in the current directory it does or will provide us with the last payment we will receive from ARRL. I had also asked about directories for the board and officers but that seems not to be coming either.

So far Rfinder has not made any offer to compensate us for our data in the future. Additionally, I am not satisfied that the data Rfinder gathers is reliable or vetted. And as we have seen, they can’t always keep up with data given to them from coordinating bodies.

I hope to have a vigorous discussion about this in Huntsville in August. I hope you will all make attendance a priority. I may also try and arrange a separate meeting of the board of directors. I will update you as we get closer if this will be needed.

Dennis – K4DL
Alabama Repeater Council – President
June 23, 2017