Membership Options:

$10.00 Regular (REG) Membership
$5.00 Associate (ASC) Membership

Send Membership Applications & Dues to:
Kirk Junkin, N4KRJ
Alabama Repeater Council
PO BOX 21174
Tuscaloosa, AL 35402-1174
  • Repeater Owner, Holder of Record, or Trustee may join as a Regular Member.  One HOR may represent Club as Regular Member.
  • Clubs, and other interested amateurs or non-amateurs may participate as an Associate Member.
  • Pursuant to the ARC Bylaws, Adopted Jan 2018:
    • 2.2 TERM OF MEMBERSHIP: The term of all categories of membership is concurrent with the fiscal year ending on December 31.
      2.3 TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: All categories of membership will be terminated by non-payment of dues, following a thirty (30) day grace period ending on January 30th.
    • 2.1.1 (sub 3): Regular member applications with payment of the specified dues, does not automatically result in membership