2015 Coordination Update

In 2015, a files was posted online or repeater frequencies that have not responded/replied to the ARC update request. This list of repeaters will be sent a second/final notice for repeater update, specifying the repeater may be de-coordinated if no response is received. Failures to respond to a second/final notice will be recommended to directors for coordination cancellation / de-coordination. To date, no repeaters have been de-coordinated.  All of these received the update notice as mail delivery did not return any sent notices as un-deliverable.

During the regularly scheduled ARC Meeting held on March 1, 2014 at the BirmingHamfest, Frequency Coordinator Howard Grant, K4WWN, made a proposal regarding coordination of Alabama repeater frequencies.

Howard will very soon be sending out, via US Mail, the 2014 Repeater Coordination Update Requests to all Repeater Holders of Record (HOR) associated with each coordinated repeater in Alabama.  As is normal procedure, each HOR will be required to update and respond, by returning the forms to Howard, within 30 days.

Howard’s update will also include additional information regarding the newly adopted procedure for Repeater Coordination in Alabama, which will include a letter to the HOR about the new procedure.

This procedure will require each HOR to respond to any normal ARC Coordination Update Request, but that if no update is provided within a 5-year time-frame from the last date of update, or the original date of coordination, whichever is the newer, the Frequency Coordinator will terminate the Frequency Coordination and turn the frequency back into the available public pool, eligible for new coordination.